Pink Friday : The Wedding

June 3rd, 2011

7 Responses to “Pink Friday : The Wedding”

  1. Bestfriend says:

    wow so lovely pink motif… i like blue and pink so i feel so happy everytime i see those pinks colors…

    My PF entry…

  2. Charlotte's Mom says:

    Nice Motiff:-)

    please visit my PINK too:

    Happy PF sis.

  3. Lovingly Mama says:

    nice shade of pink for a wedding motif 😀

    PF ; Sexy Poses with Dindin

  4. jannet says:

    nice motif!

    Here's my Pink Friday

  5. Yannie says:

    Love the flower on the stand covered with pink clothes.. That's Arum lily, if I'm not mistaken

  6. Cheerful says:

    beautiful arrangement and nice choice for a wedding motif. here in cambodia, they always have pink in a wedding. anyway, wishing you a great weekend!

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