Was Toni Gonzaga over-acting on her hosting during Binibining Pilipinas?

March 18th, 2015


Toni Gonzaga did great on her Binibining Pilipinas hosting this year. It’s not the normal stiff  one but for me, its funny and yet classy . For  sure she was chosen for the  job to ensure light and bubbly moments in some parts of the program. Toni was told by the organizers to insert humor and fun  to  create lighter moments.

If Toni did a boring kind of hosting, it is no longer her for  it is not her style. The organizers could’ve picked someone old or someone stiff and reserved. If this happened I’m sure you will bash the boring program and hosting style.

Read a lot of negative comments online. Bashers need to relax, we just need to keep up with the times. Toni’s way of hosting might be cheap to some traditionalists, but what she did was modern and outstanding.

How about you ? What do you think of her hosting style ?

It’s time to be HAPPY while Shopping at Centrio mall!

March 3rd, 2015


centrio 100 happy days



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What to Buy Your Fashionista for Valentine’s Day

February 16th, 2015

Have a stylish fashionista as your lady friend? Then you probably already know the importance of buying her the right on-trend Valentine’s Day gift! It can be easy to accept defeat and avoid the inevitable hours of shopping, agonising over what to buy her, and just give her the same old shopping centre voucher you do every year. Or you can buy her one of the below gifts and show her that you really put some thought into what she likes this year! Her joy will be worth the effort.

Here are some fashionable gifts that your trendy Valentine will fall in love with.

Skull Themed Gifts


Fashion isn’t just about what’s on your body. Oh no – fashion definitely extends to household items (and your fashionista’s way of life, really). A cool, quirky Valentine’s gift for your trendy girl could be anything skull themed. Skull shaped items are popping up all over the coolest stores (check out www.universalstore.com.au to see some examples). Skull decanters, skull pot plant holders… they don’t look tacky, but are actually very fun and quirky. If your girl likes to grow herbs or enjoys a refreshing pina colada on Sunday, a skull-shaped cup or pot plant will go down a treat.

Classy Sleepwear

sleep wear

Sleepwear (of the high-quality variety) is an often forgotten gift idea, which is a shame because it’s a brilliant one. Lingerie and sleepwear don’t have to be tacky. A well-crafted, high-end slip or vintage nightgown is a beautiful gift for any fashionista. After all, fashion never sleeps! She’ll love having something silky, comfortable and flattering to sleep in – a nice alternative to the standard old shorts and band t-shirts, that’s for sure!

A Beautiful Watch


Giving a watch as a gift seems more of a stereotypical gift for a man but, for the fashionable woman, a watch is perfect. When it comes to watches, simplicity is key – a leather band (maybe red for the Valentine’s Day touch), a simple clock-face… you know your fashionista best, so pick a design you know she’ll love. You could also get something engraved in the back of the clock face to make it an extra special gift.

A Pendant or Locket


A silver or gold pendant or locket goes with everything in your fashionista’s wardrobe, plus it’s incredibly sweet and personal. You can buy tasteful, heart shaped lockets that have a little space to put a photo of her loved ones in (not oversized junky jewellery, but a small dainty piece), so she can carry them wherever she goes. If you don’t like the idea of photos, a small heart-shaped pendant will also convey the same message, plus it won’t clash with any of her clothes.

So before you reach for the seemingly inevitable gift card or stock-standard roses and chocolates, why not try one of these gift ideas for your fabulous fashionista? It’ll make her Valentine’s Day extra special knowing you’ve put a little more love and care into her beautiful present.

What are some gift ideas you’d like to get your fashionable girlfriend? Do you have any insights into what trendy women love to receive as gifts? Share them in the comments below.


The color of the year fashion show

January 23rd, 2015


Marsala , the color of 2015 got its name from  fortified wine. Its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness.  I believe this  stylish tone is universally appealing . Beauty,  fashion, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors will surely dominate 2015 with this flavourful  and sophisticated shade.

A Guy’s Trend Guide to 2015

January 21st, 2015

A new year means new styles! It’s that time of year where all the fashion shows set the scene for what everyone will be wearing in 2015… And you don’t want to be left behind the pack! If you’re keen to stay on-trend with what’s hot in 2015, then this guide will be your best friend. Take note and hit the menswear stores pronto!

Stand Out from the Crowd with Colourful Prints


This year, brighter is better. Men are no longer restricted to simply having white, grey or black dress shirts – patterned prints are hot, hot, hot, so be sure to pick up a stylish shirt from an online retailer like Politix here. When it comes to prints, guys can be as bold or as subtle as they like. Don’t want to stand out too much? A simple plaid pattern with some soft, pale colours might be the go. Want to make a vibrant statement? Strong colours with intriguing patterns should definitely be part of your wardrobe! Pair it with a nice belt, dark slacks and leather shoes and you’ve got the newest classy look for 2015. For more options check out these.

Relaxed Nautical – for the Casual Man, Whether He’s on a Boat or Not!


Nautical is another style that ebbs and flows in and out of fashion, but it is definitely back in 2015. For the uninitiated, nautical involves stripes, hues of blue, white and red, and a relaxed style perfect for a casual cruise on the high seas (or just a stroll through the mall). The great thing about nautical is that the clothing pieces don’t cost the earth – tennis and boat shoes are a dime a dozen, it’s easy to find a blue and white striped shirt from any discount store, and the casual shorts or rolled up three-quarter pants can also be found for a cheap price. The perfect style for any man who wants to be fashionable on a budget.

Denim is Back


Yes, it’s time to dust off our trusty denim staples because denim is most certainly trending in 2015. But this doesn’t just mean jeans; denim blazers, jackets, and even vests are reigning in a new era of casual suave. This denim look is a classic one that has been popular in previous decades, but this year signals its re-introduction as a classy wardrobe staple. The key to looking stylish in denim is to make sure that the denim is dark, well-fitting and crisp – no daggy pants hanging down low or biker jackets with chains and fake insignias. Also, it’s best to stick to one denim piece at a time – don’t adorn yourself in denim from head to toe.

The fashion year of 2015 sees some new trends emerging, as well as some fresh takes on old styles and materials. If you want to be on point this year, make sure you incorporate some of these trends into your wardrobe so you’re not left behind!

What are some trends you think will make it big in 2015? Perhaps you’ve already got some items of clothing that can find a new wardrobe life this year!