How to Care for your Hair Extensions

October 9th, 2017

Be it straight or curly hair extensions, you need to provide proper care and maintenance of your hair accessories to ensure they look their best for as long as possible. Unfortunately, too many people install hair extensions and then forget about them, treating them as if they were their real hair. This is a big no-no and will only reduce the life of the extensions. Thankfully, the following dos and don’ts will help you preserve the look and life of your hair additions.

Synthetic Hair Extensions
Unlike human hair extensions, synthetic will become dull extremely fast and will require special care. While some synthetic hair can handle heat, you must be careful not to apply too much since it could melt the extension. Rollers are a great way to get curls without damaging synthetic hair extensions. To wash, choose a shampoo designed specifically for synthetic hair. Once the hair is clean, brush with a wide tooth comb to remove tangles as painlessly as possible.

Real Human Hair Extensions
Extensions made from real human hair requires a different set of care than synthetic extensions. When washing your hair with the real human hair extensions, make sure to use shampoo that is paraben and sulfate-free. Choose a shampoo that not only softens the hair but also detangles it. You should also try to avoid saturating your hair in chlorinated or salt water. Since this is easier said than done, especially in the summer when you want to swim, always use a dechlorinating shampoo to cleanse and eliminate the chlorine from your extensions after swimming in the ocean or pool. Another care tip for real human hair extensions is to avoid going to bed with wet hair, as well as refraining from tugging or pulling the extensions.

Permanent vs Clip-Ins
Clip-in hair extensions are only meant to be temporary. Because of this frequent shampooing and styling isn’t needed or recommended. Real hair extensions, however, do require regular washings and styling.

No matter what type of hair extensions you have, you must know their expiration date. Avoid keeping the extensions in for longer than what’s recommend. It’s always best to consult with you hair stylist who is installing the extensions on when they should be removed and replace. You can also take this time to get the stylist’s recommendation for hair care products for that specific type of extension.

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