APPSCO Inter-school Model 2017

February 5th, 2017

One can only be a teenager once and if a passion to model is present, it should be pursued. This was my friends advise when I told her that my daughter was chosen to be their school’s candidate in an Inter-school modelling contest. I was hesitant at first to give my permission when the school director talked to me but later on conceded considering that this will helped her boost confidence and leadership. I believed Teen years come with their own challenges in trying to discover who one is and the path to follow as one becomes an adult. Parental or guardian permission is required if a teen is to practice modelling. Thus for the last two weeks, I became a stage mother, assisting her with her outfits, pictorials and even her talent portion rehearsals.

Speaking about talent portion, her father encouraged her to sing with her playing the acoustic guitar. Thank God we bought a brand new acoustic guitar from musicians friend stores last Christmas. She was able to practice for a month now with her favorite hip-hop song.

Tomorrow will be the final event which will be held at the activity center of Ayala Centrio Mall . Her fellow contestants are good as well. Win or Lose, my daughter will come out a winner. Why ? For the the last 15 days she was with the group doing campus tours , she said she has gained a lot of experiences and learned a lot of lesson.

God bless my dear daughter! We are here for our full support!

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