My Black Friday Shopping Spree in Los Angeles

July 2nd, 2016

Thank God it was November when we went to the US last year. Me and my husband was so excited not only because it was our first time to set foot in an american soil but also because as a fashion blogger, I will finally experience Black Friday which I have been blogging for many years already.

Our USA trip is full of fun !!! There were countless of first time experiences but the most memorable one was our Black Friday shopping-spree which took us 24 hours hopping from one shopping center to another from downtown Los Angeles, to Sta. Monica, Glendale and San Pedro.

Shopping has always been a part of everyone’s life and in America people will go crazy on Black Friday. Products sold on Black Friday are highly discounted. People flocked in stores with products with price tag almost 80 percent below its standard value. Even music stores were filled with people. My husband who is into music was able to buy a gotoh tuners for 50% less while I got clothes at 75% off.

Below are some of the photos taken during our trip :

shop macys friday

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