First taste of winter in the US!

December 12th, 2015

Me and my hubby spent a month travelling in the US, which is why there have been zero postings here. Apologies! I realized that this hasn’t been a very bloggy year for me. I have been very busy with lots of things. Thank God I auto-charge my Google domain and my website hosting… thus the reason why this blog site is still alive. Anyway, I am renewing my vow to update this site regularly come 2016… LOL!

Let me start my journey with Cozy Winters Reviews .

Shortly after our arrival, we were greeted by the bright morning sight of Los Angeles. Our outfit then was quite warm – a polo shirt and a light jacket. My sister’s place is in Capitol Drive, San Pedro which is close to the beach is warmer than we expected.

Two days after we went to San Diego, California to attend the International Convention of Real Estate Association. Winter started early  in Sand Diego. As soon as we got our from the car, I felt my whole body trembling. Whew! This is it! It was  lunchtime then. Good that my sis gave us  winter clothes such as  trench coat , scarf and thermal shirts and legging. It was really freezing cold that I consumed more than 10 cups of coffee during the convention…LOL!

Our  Las Vegas and San Francisco trip  winter experience were different. I will post how we survived walking down the strip  with beanie and why  we spent only 5 minutes  the twin peak!!

For now here’s some photos in San Diego, CA :


The pool party at Gaslamp Hilton Hotel


Inside the convention Center before the Inaugural Gala


Gaslamp – the heart of San Diego.Smiling amidst the freezing weather

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