The best microphones for decades

April 4th, 2015

When it comes to finding a reliable microphone that will work for you for a long time , you may find your head spinning in confusion. Being a Choir and Band  Director for more than a year now, I have used numerous microphones. I have managed to narrow the field down to  one in terms of durability and price – no  other than the shure microphones.

They have long been named the most durable microphones in the industry. Have you seen the  various videos of their SM58 being run over by a car and still working fine ? You have to see to believe it ! Sound Engineers and technician has been using shure micorphones for decades now and they  claim that it can take the loudest sounds on the stage. We can safely assume that it can take over 120 decibels and maybe much more.

So if you are planning to buy new microphones invest in Shure. It’s a little pit pricy compared to  the average brand microphones but you will get the  best performance  and last a longer period of time. Click this link and select from their wide array of microphone designs.

My name is Giovanni Fancubit ( the husband of the owner of this blog site ) and I have been working in and around our church tech teams.

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