Online Window Shopping

April 9th, 2014

Window shopping is an activity that lots of people enjoy ( especially the women). We engage in it when we are waiting for someone and we take our time going from one store to another inside a mall. We do it while taking a break or lunch hour or we purposely do the activity to unwind from our daily routines.

The internet provides one with the opportunity to shop online without being in a regular store. There are displays presented online that you can view and there is no need to spend money. You are able to view everything for free. This includes transportation cost. You do not have to go to the store to shop. You can stay where you are as long as you have a computer or laptop nearby.

This is the new window shopping because people are literally on the internet all the time. Shopping is mainly done in this manner and it replaces regular shopping for many people. For them this is the reality and the way to live. The same way you generate ideas by looking at a display in a store window, the same can be done online.

Yes! Everything is virtual these days. So online shopping is the same what you would do at a store window in practice, but not in name. You are not in front of a window but in front of a computer screen. There are different items and displays to see, but you are not actually seeing them as you would in real life.

Personally, I love window shopping in the internet. Looking for a specific item is made easy. You can compare prices in seconds too! But.. I love the conventional window shopping too , because it distress me from my busy life. How about you ? Which do you prefer ?

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