When shopping becomes an uncontrollable compulsion

February 20th, 2014

ALCOHOLISM is for men while SHOPPING is for women.This is what I saw on a car sticker which left me wondering if the owner of the car is “alcoholic” or a “shopaholic”.

Some women are really addicted to shopping that they can not control their overspending. With the onset of Internet Shopping, the addiction became more evident. Getting a jewelry or apparels is just a mouse click away.

Shopping is a necessity, a relaxing time, something that people do unwind and reward themselves for a month of hard work. But it will go wrong and turn into an uncontrollable compulsion when you can no longer prioritize your bills. Spending more on the less important items and ignoring the more important bills. If you think you might have a compulsive shopping issue, seek professional assistance and treatment. It won’t be easy but it may just save your life.

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