This is network war!Deniece Milinette Cornejo is granddaughter of GMA 7 Top Official

January 26th, 2014

Finally, we have heard the story of the brutal attack of Vhong and the allege rape through the BUZZ live interview of Boy Abuda . After he named the 22-year old girl as DENIECE MILINETTE CORNEJO, I immediately googled her. Here’s what I’ve gathered.

 photo deneice_zps8eee6783.jpg

She is a Hotel & Restaurant Management Student of La Salle College Antipolo.She is a model and has appeared in advertisement for Mossimo, BDO and Smart. Currently the Miss Sophie Paris Philippines 2013 . An artist, fashion stylist and motivational speaker.

 photo cornejo_zps0a32a7b0.png

From her facebook account , I saw her profile picture , she’s beside Mr. Filepe Gozon (the Chairman and CEO of GMA 7 ) so I searched further and found out that she’s the grand daughter of GMA 7 top official Rod Cornejo ( The one on her left side ).
 photo deneice2_zps0143b12c.jpg

So now this would be a network war! I believe GMA 7 would continue to dig more about the police blotter and would surely get the other side of the story. I can not wait to hear it too!

Before I’ll end, the name Cedric was also mentioned by Vhong as one of the men that assaulted him. Cedric is the ex-husband of Ms. Vina Morales. Hmmm… the story now deepens as most of the involve are prominent people in showbiz.

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  1. Lulu says:

    Murag tv stage or teleserya 🙂 Abangan ang susunod na kabanata..

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