Sliding up and down the fret board with my accoustic guitar

January 22nd, 2014

The weather is not so good, it was raining hard so my husband and my daughter got their acoustic guitars and had a wonderful guitar session. They played and sang songs from love songs, pop to mellow rock!

Looking at them reminded me with my younger years when I was just starting to play guitar. Playing songs like “ Blackbird” of Beatles, “ Vincent” by Don Mclean and “Stairway to Heaven” of Led Zeppelin were so easy for me. I love sliding up and down the fret board with these songs. My brothers who were famous local musicians in the 80’s influenced me with their genre of songs.

 photo 886743_10152615508785414_2055673613_o.jpg

That was 30 years ago , the passion was gone. Now, I am contented strumming our guitar once in a blue moon. My kids are challenging me to play guitar again… maybe if they will get me that trendy guild classical guitar at guitar center ! What about it Mr. G ?

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