Is it okey to curl a rebonded hair ?

January 4th, 2014

It’s new year and time to have a new hair style.  I thought of having my hair curl ( Korean or Brazilian ) . I’ve heard that re-bonded hair could not be curled so I sought the help of the internet if this is true and this is what I’ve learned from a question and answer column in :

In your e-mail, I guess you have two questions, first is if you can curl your rebonded hair and second if there will be a problem if you curl it.

My answer to your first question is yes you can curl your rebonded hair especially since it has been six months since you rebonded your hair.

But the only way you can curl your hair is through digital perming which uses a state of the art digital perming machine and high quality perming product or else your hair will not be curled or will be damaged.

The rebonding product they used on your hair should be thioglycolic acid-based not alkaline based so you can curl your hair.

If the rebonding product they used on your hair is alkaline based, sorry, but you cannot curl your hair, even with digital perming because the alkaline will ultimately destroy the protein bonds of your hair. The protein bonds are what are realigned when perming hair.

My answer to your second question is that there will be no problem if you are going to curl your hair so long as the condition of the hair is healthy or if your hair can tolerate another chemical process.

Your hair dresser must have a very good eye to know if your hair can tolerate another chemical process.

There will be no problem if the product they used for rebonding is the same product they will use for perming and most especially you won’t have a problem if you tell your hairdresser the real history of your hair and if you have a good hairdresser.

I think this is a good tip: Know what look you really want to achieve, ask or consult at least three hairdressers and different salons before you have a chemical process on your hair. It can save you “TIME” and money.

I hope I have answered your question very well Miss Angel. Thank you for the questions.

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