The Modern Wedding Registry

November 21st, 2013

Today’s weddings are less of an exercise in tradition and old-fashioned rituals, and more of a true expression of the personalities, ideals, hopes and dreams of the bride and groom. This trend is reflected in every facet of the wedding planning, from the bride’s choice of wedding dress and bridal themes, to the wedding d├ęcor and wedding registry.
In a wedding registry gone are the days of old-fashioned items such as china, crystal and elaborated linens that most likely will only be used on special occasions. A modern bridal registry is more likely to include wedding gifts that will fit the couple’s current lifestyles and enhance their new journey together. Some examples of these wedding registry are as follows :


A honeymoon registry is one of the most popular wedding wishes for modern couples. Registry gifts can range from a free hotel accommodation, tour package, transportation or airplane tickets.

House or Home Improvement

A down payment on a new home is one of the most popular wedding wishes, a great remembrance for a couple’s new life together. Or if this is too much you can ask for home improvement or list down home appliances.

Financial Assistance

A cash registry as a fresh start for a new couple can help them pave their way to a brighter and more prosperous future together. This can be done through a money tree or through a money dance.

Pay it Forward

For modern couples who are already wealthy and does not need your gifts in kind , instead of asking for wedding gifts for themselves, they ask guests to donate money they would have spent on a gift registry items to a nonprofit organization or worthy cause. This year, many couples are likely to ask for donations to the Red Cross and other organizations that are helping to fund the relief efforts to various countries struck by calamities.

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