USA protested over Megan Young’s Miss World Crown!

October 1st, 2013

Less than 24 hours  after the pageant finals,  the U.S. filed a protest to the Miss World organizer, claiming that Miss Philippines, Megan Young,   the new MISS WORLD 2013  should be credited as a U.S. entry as well. Megan Young was born in the United States to an American father and Filipina mother, but moved at age 10 to the Philippines . The protest document stated that because of her dual citizenship she should be declared as “dual contestant”  … so technically speaking  she is also Miss U.S.A.

I think  this claim is not justifiable because USA already had their own candidate.  Megan young wore a  sash that said Miss Philippines not Miss USA. Therefore the Philippines is  the sole winner of Miss World.  Their contestant did not win so why claim Megan Young to be their contestant too ? It’s so funny to see the most powerful country in the world  on their knees begging for something.LOL!

5 Responses to “USA protested over Megan Young’s Miss World Crown!”

  1. Karen from Canada says:

    It sure takes away from the GLORY of Miss Philippines’ crown, I say USA… your conduct and attitude is not befitting to Megan Young, and nor does it show grace in LOSING!

  2. admin says:

    Yes Karen you’re absolutely correct… thanks for dropping by..

  3. Sha says:

    This is absolutely a HOAX. People are making up stories then post it online with no basis at all. How can a country protest about another country’s candidate when they have their own OFFICIAL representative? Small minded Filipinos jump at these stories and make a BIG DRAMA out of it. PATHETIC! And it is a shame that a very poised Filipina, Megan Young, represented the country, and you are ruining the “glory” by jumping every word you hear and I bet my life the author if this HOAX is a Filipino too.

  4. susan says:

    hay mga pinoy mapagpatol sa chika … Technically, may sariling candidate ang USA as in OFFICIAL CANDIDATE! ok? So, hindi mga tanga ang mga nasa Miss World para i-consider yan kung meron man… Ang mga tanga ay ang mga pinoy na naniniwala sa kwentong barberong ito na gawa gawa din ng kapwa pinoy… tama po ba? Pinoy din ang sisira ng “glory” ng isang pagkapanalo dahil sa mga CHISMIS! o yan na

  5. Sha says:

    This is a HOAX and being reposted by an ignorant blogger without checking facts.

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