Young people and their love for music

July 29th, 2013
ij guitar

My son and his band mate in “Spectrum Band”

Across the world , regardless of location or denomination, young people have one thing in common – their statuses are ever-changing because the ways of their world are always reforming. In a society that has the ability to get the attention of our younger generation through media and peer pressure, the last thing a teenager or a young person needs is a youth group .

One way to gather young people is through music. My son is a member of the youth band of our church called the ” Spectrum Band “. Every Sunday afternoon, the young people of our church and their campus outreaches contacts gather to hear the Gospel, fellowship with each other as well as jam together through music. Young people today would love to express themselves through music. This is the reason we are planning to update our instruments like getting a new drum set, a cool fender champ at musicians friend and other musical gadgets. I hope by the end of the year, we can complete our much desired instruments.

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