Current trends in mens outerwear

July 6th, 2013

Each year there are certain trends that appear in the area of mens jackets and outerwear. A lot of men are concerned with finding a jacket or other piece of outerwear that complements what they have on underneath. In short, there are many men who don’t want to create a stylish outfit, then cover it up with an ugly jacket. Take a look at some of the current trends in mens outerwear. Many men are selecting brightly colored jackets this season. Instead of the traditional khaki, a man may go with red, green, blue or even an attractive shade of orange. They appreciate that a colorful jacket adds interest to an outfit full of neutral colors or even black.

Another popular trend for mens outwear is the pullover jacket. Some men find that a pullover jacket is a simple, stylish item to bring along on almost any outdoor outing. For instance, men who like boating, hiking or hunting find it easy to put on and take off their pullover as the temperature either warms up or cools down. A pullover is light and can be put in a backpack or even tied around a guy’s waist. There are men who appreciate the versatility of a fashionable pullover jacket. Finally, men who want to keep their clothing dry at a casual outdoor event are going with an attractive jacket made of waterproof material. This style of jacket adds to the look of a guy’s outfit while keeping his shirt dry and comfortable.

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