Royal Sporting House in Suntech Mall, Singapore

June 23rd, 2013


Amazing!  When we were in Singapore last month, this shoes was on sale from $149 to $49 Singaporean Dollars. My hubby was not able to buy it because   his size ( 9.5 USA ) could not be located by the sales  clerk.    So he just gave up and  look from  other shoe shop for discount.  Nothing beat the bargains and sales at ROYAL  SPORTING HOUSE,    our hunt  ended with nothing in our hands.

Our  newly wed blogger friends Eldie and Elva  asked my assistance   for their travel details in Singapore.  Knowing that they are sport buff too, I recommended Royal Sporting house and requested them to buy the Reebok Ziglite that  my hubby wanted so much. Amazing, they found exactly the right pair and design.. at an amazingly low price  of $29. Whew! What a bargain!

If you are planning to visit the Merlion City of Singapore, do not miss to visit SUNTECH CITY MALL   ( near the Esplanade LRT Station) . You can surely get the shoes you want at a very..very low price.

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