How To Choose Jewelry For The Woman In Your Life

April 6th, 2013


There is arguably no better gift to give the woman you love than jewelry.  This special token of your affection will last a lifetime.  Although it can be an investment, jewelry holds its value and can be passed down through generations.  It is more thoughtful and lasting than other gifts like flowers, candy, or perfume.  However, it can be difficult to choose the right piece.  Whether you are looking for a custom engagement ring composed of loose diamonds or a fancy necklace, these tips can help you to locate the right jewels for your gal.

Evaluate Her Personal Style

When it comes to shopping for jewelry, it is important to first understand the personal style of the girl you are shopping for.  Is she trendy, conservative, classy, or a blend?  For example, a classy woman usually prefers traditional jewelry with pearls or diamonds.  On the other hand, a girl who is trendier might prefer unique stones like sapphires or rubies.  Since most men are not well versed in style, this process can be more difficult.  However, the clothing and stores she likes are a good indication of her style and tastes.


Coordinate With Her Lifestyle

The jewelry you select should also reflect her lifestyle.  For example, if she works in a conservative corporate office, trendier jewels should be avoided.  Instead, a simple bracelet or pair of earrings might be better suited.  Also, if she is more active, bulky and dainty jewels should be avoided.  Instead, look for pieces that are durable and will not break during activity.  This way she can wear the piece at all times.

Consider The Occasion

It is also important to consider the occasion for the gift.  Are you simply being thoughtful, or are you celebrating a major milestone?  Certain milestones like anniversaries often require more extravagant and memorable jewelry items.  For example, a husband might give his wife a beautiful gold ring to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  If you are not celebrating a milestone, consider simpler jewelry items like a trendy necklace or bracelet.


Ask For Help

Furthermore, it is important to understand that it is perfectly acceptable to ask for help.  Jewelry is an investment and you need to be sure that she will like what you buy.  Otherwise, she may not wear it.  If you do not want to surprise her with the gift, you can always ask for her suggestions.  If you prefer to keep it a secret, then ask her friends or family for help.

Match Her Current Jewelry

Finally, make sure the jewelry you purchase will match what she already owns.  Most women have a decent collection of jewelry.  However, not all pieces go with each other.  Although you might not be able to coordinate what you buy with every piece, you can use her current collection as a helpful guide.  For example, if she wears mostly gold, you should probably buy gold instead of silver.  If she is simpler, avoid larger and extravagant pieces that are more ostentatious.

4 Responses to “How To Choose Jewelry For The Woman In Your Life”

  1. Shela says:

    Two women in my life are my mom and grandma, they both love matching set jewelries and simple yet elegant 🙂

  2. zoan says:

    hmmm I have bought a ring for my mom when she turned 54 last year:) and she loved it! ang mga babae ay mahilig talaga sa alahas:)

  3. Ron says:

    funny thing is that my wife even choose the ring for both of us. it’d be nice if i can choose one for our anniversary as my gift for her. 🙂

  4. Alaina Lee says:

    Hey all this information are so nice and useful for right jewelry , and really i am very appreciated to read a huge kind of things .so many thanks for sharing so nic e information

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