Election Mania in Manila and the rest of the Philippines

March 10th, 2013



Election mania is everywhere!

We see it in controversies that blow up right on the face of media ( TV, radio, internet and print). You see it in the series of debates, the political jingles, the media advertisement. Election is expensive. The government spends almost half a billion pesos to run the election. Candidates also would spent considerable amount of money for election paraphenelia like leaftlets , cheap envelopes, posters and banners which are just to be thrown away after the event? What a waste of money!

As bloggers, we got invites from different candidates visiting our city. Two weeks ago, we brush elbows with BAM AQUINO, ESCUDERO. It was a great way to know them and their political platforms since we were given the chance to ask question during the presscon.

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