Would you agree that learning to play guitar is easier for children than for adults?

February 28th, 2013


Yes, it is true. I know a lot of  friends  who until now does not  know how to play guitar even though they tried  enough to  learn the skill while I can enumerate    names of my nieces and nephews who learned playing guitar while they were between 8 -15 yrs. old.

Childhood is a great time to start because children’s minds are like sponges, easily able to absorb. Music is full of concepts and associations thus  associations settle more easily in the child’s minds and. I learned to play guitar while I was in my 3rd grade.  Internet was not discovered yet , so I rely on a chord book   and song hit list.

My  daughter  Dale Faith is  struggling to learn the basic of guitar. I might be mean, but I told her  to learn it on her own.  I want her to discipline her time and exert much effort and learn it by herself but I promised to give her an g&l  guitar as soon as she can play two songs without looking at the chord book.

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