Korea took over Japan in Fashion trend

February 3rd, 2013

koreaKorea has earlier took the lead as having the hottest fashion trend and will probably hold the lead for a very long time.The hottest fashion trend in Asia was Japan I guess for the past decade ,but it seems like Japan has lost its title to Korea in the past couple of years.

So, what has Korea introduced to the world which made it such a successful fashion trendsetter? For me, it could be due to the surge in popularity of Korean pop groups and Korean Celebrities which has led to their fashion success.Pop groups usually set the latest trend as they are the front line of the entertainment scene and would have to dress uniquely to identify themselves. Since they are such hot topics, it is no wonder that people would want to imitate their idols and would therefore dress similarly to their idols. I believe that this is the most crucial point which led Korea to overtake the latest Asian trend.

3 Responses to “Korea took over Japan in Fashion trend”

  1. It will really create some positive competition between Korean and Japanese Apparel industry; and also we cannot neglect the China as well in this competition.

  2. The competition between both countries is beneficial for apparel lovers and also have to include China in this fashion trend competition.

  3. baju korea says:

    I love korean fashion. because its unique and have many styles.

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