“One Direction” Boy Band Charmed a lot of young girls !

January 19th, 2013



My daughter admired so much the famous teenage boy band “One Direction” that she made them her facebook timeline cover. Why do girls love this X-factor winners? Aside from their looks and their voices, I believed that the best thing about One Direction is the degree of diversity they can offer – in their music or their fashion sense. Everyone has something to contribute and when it is the combined the effect of each sets the entire feel of the band. Curious about their popular , I watched some of their performances on you tube today. Whew! To be honest I am beginning to love this boy band. En enjoyed listening to their songs and watching their instrumentalist play their Larrivee Guitars , keyboards and drums. Indeed “One direction charmed not only the young girls but as well as the grown up women. Are you one of them?

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