Coffee is second to petroleum?

January 10th, 2013

coffeeAs I watched a lifestyle channel on cable table just awhile ago, I’ve learned that coffee is the second most traded physical commodity worldwide, ranking second only to petroleum. I know coffee to be of the most popular beverages in the world but it’s only today that I know that there are billions of beans harvested, processed, traded, roasted and sold 24/7 all over the world.

Why people love coffee ? There are lots of reason but for me I love it while I spend time reading books. Drinking coffee provides a sensory experience that adds pleasure to the tongue and palate in addition to the mental enjoyment from reading. Second is the taste of coffee is simply delightful and irresistible. They say that coffee is addictive… but I believe it’s not. Our taste buds are extremely sensitive organs and will “tingle” when stimulated. The four basic tastes are sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Learning where the tongue is stimulated enables the coffee drinker to learn how to taste the basic profile of the coffee. I love drinking coffee because it makes me feel alert, upbeat and enthusiastic. It’s my energy booster every morning. Lastly, coffee is good for the health. Scientists and research institutes worldwide release studies and research reports frequently that support the caffeine health claims, good news for coffee lovers. Basically, coffee has antioxidants and caffeine, two main ways of improving the health of your body. These substances have health and anti aging benefits.

Now, because coffee is the most traded commodity , Coffee Makers are the most wanted partner in every household. There are a lot of models from the Single cup Coffee Makers  ( see image below) at home to the heavy duty in coffee shops. What’s your coffee bean and what’s your coffee maker brand?


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  1. Well, yummy cake for coffee lovers ONLY.

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