Assisted Living For Seniors

January 10th, 2013


It is a reality that as our parents grow older, our relationship with them changes. There is a role reversal, while we were taken cared of in our younger says when we become adults and our parents became old we become caregivers. This situation becomes a challenge for parties. For aging parents, they find themselves losing self-sufficiency and independents. Adult children now have the burden of caring for aging parents while caring for their own family. In the past, these changes often resulted for the parent to be sent to a nursing homes. Today there are many and oftentimes better, options available like assisted living.

Assisted living is the modern version of the nursing home minus the hospital-style wards. Here, seniors are able to live in their own apartments with a kitchen and their own furniture. In Assisted living facilities Raleigh, spaces are designed with mobility and medical needs in mind. There is 24 hour staff on hand in case of emergency, daily activities, group dinners, and other things that seniors loved to do. Same as in Nursing Homes Raleigh, seniors are free to do like reading, play cards, watch TV, exercise or go out with other senior for group activities. An additional advantage supportive living has, is that they are often times connected to a traditional long term care nursing home and that is they are never too far away from their support system.

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  1. It’s much beneficial for them to enjoy an environment that doesn’t feel as different as home. That way it’d make them feel more at ease.

  2. Stained glass windows is a great way to stimulate the mind and think of ways to make it more creative, colorful, and pleasing to the eye. Through it you could express ideas for the room’s theme.

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