True Love Waits and Battle Cry Ads!

December 8th, 2012

My husband who’s a pastor for the youth in our church is now on the planning stage with the youth core for next year’s True Love Waits concert and symposium. They have done this activity and have impacted thousands of young people for the past 12 years. Being involved in a youth movement that rallies young people to say to any kind of immorality is quite challenging. The core decided to make bumper stickers and give it to their sponsors for next year’s TLW activities. “Wait for the Ring until you do the Thing” is one rallying cry they want to be printed on their bumper stickers. Another one is “No bedding before Wedding”!

The church’s youth is actively involved in campus ministries in ten campuses here in our city. They have four major activities every year to cater and address the need of the young people in the campuses here in our city. Their activity against illegal drugs, alcoholism, vices, pre-marital sex, rebellion to authority, and pornography is entitled “BATTELCRY” while they also promote leadership and excellence among the youth today through their “REBELUTION” campaigns. During summer, the church youth conducts summer camp and boot camp catering to hundreds of young people to be aware of their leadership skills and talents to be put into right practice.

Well, all these activities are tiring and challenging but at the same time very rewarding. These activities need to be planned carefully and this includes a lot of tarp designs, t-shirt printing, line stickers and labels for give-away and promotions, decorations and a lot more. But you could just see the excitement in the eyes of the young people as they do each task with much gusto. Next year the TLW concert will need a bigger venue since they are planning to invite at least 2,500 young people for a night of musical drama in lined with the celebration of Valentines’s day. Well, I have one suggestion for them…this website can really help them a lot,

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