Who’s more fashionable : Michelle Obama or Ann Romney ?

November 7th, 2012

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America’s soon to be First Ladies.. Who gonna win?

4 Responses to “Who’s more fashionable : Michelle Obama or Ann Romney ?”

  1. Kam Wojewoda says:

    I really think that both ladies are equally fashionable. However, I prefer the dresses worn by Michelle Obama as I think those were the clothes that I will actually wear on real life. Love the colors, as vibrant as the personalities of these two ladies.

  2. perfect bra says:

    I am very thank you to share this article .Well both ladies are fashionable and a great looking hair style. Ann Romney and Michelle Obama have a great personality and both are fashionable.

  3. Jere Salee says:

    I have to agree with the previous poster. Both of them are fashionable – actually, they seem to have the same taste on clothing. I think they like it light, colorful, and elegant for the eyes of the public.

  4. Your article is very wonderful.

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