My Friend’s Knee Walker

November 24th, 2012

I have a friend who met a vehicular accident and injured her left lower leg. She’s a person who’s always on the go , so what she did was look for a knee walker rental so she can be to places she wanted to be. I like her disposition, instead of getting down and be discouraged with her short –termed disability, she’s still happy and seemed unaffected with the accident. Thanks to her doctor for recommending the Roller Aid or knew walker device.

What’s a Knee Walker? It is a “scooter-like” devices that allow you to rest your hurt leg while allowing a person to roll around with speeds not reached with normal crutches. In fact, with a knee walker my friend was able to move faster than she did before she was injured. Actually she enjoyed using the device that she was sad when it’s time for her to let go of it.

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