Bright Colours

November 27th, 2012

Bright colours can be a scary concept. People very easily steer away from them for fear that they will look bad. I am here to try to help you make that transition from bland and pale colours, such as blacks, greys, etc. to bright colours, such as bright blues, reds, and eventually oranges and yellows…

First I want to list to you the reasons why brighter colours can be better:

  • They can give you confidence, and people pick up on your confidence
  • Brighter colours can affect your mood for the better – they can make you feel more energetic, happier, brighter and warmer
  • Brighter colours can help you to get noticed. Most immediately, this is a good move if you are trying to get a new job or a promotion, but even on a more convenient level, they can help you be noticed in large crowds such as pubs or clubs, which is great if you are trying to make new friends or entice a new partner
  • They can make you more memorable – if you are going on a date or attending a group interview, you want to be remembered, especially if you know you have competition. Generally, an employer or potential partner will be more likely to remember you if you are generally easier to remember, weather that is by saying interesting things or wearing a bright outfit.

The best way to work bright colours into your wardrobe is as follows:

  • Brightly coloured knitted cardigans – they can be a great way to add colour to your wardrobe. If you are not as comfortable with bright colours yet, a cardigan allows you to continue wearing clothes you are comfortable in whilst you make the transition.
  • Vintage style can be a great method of introducing colours you are dubious about – or indeed any of the huge fashion trends of the time. Combining styles (a style you are confident with and one you are not confident with) means you can feel confident whilst being a little daring.
  • If all else fails, accessorise. Use bright shoes, jewellery, bags, makeup, tights, etc.

For a large collection of beautiful pieces that may inspire you to delve into the world of bright colours, why not look at the pieces designed by Fever Design London.

11 Responses to “Bright Colours”

  1. Judy Teves says:

    Clothes with bright colors are very attractive. I love yellows! 🙂

  2. jheylo says:

    orange and yellow goes together perfectly. that cardigan and the dress looks really nice and i would wear something like that

  3. jheylo says:

    orange and yellow perfectly goes together. that cardigan and the dress looks really nice and i would wear something like that

  4. Nova S says:

    very interesting, they do goes together, i am no good in match making colors so i need to make sure that if i do that? i won’t end up being a clown, thanks for your tips

  5. Rcel says:

    I love that yellow dress! So sleek and elegant-looking! I love bright colors myself coz it makes me feel like I am a happy person when I wear one. 😀

  6. Raya says:

    I don’t have struggle wearing bright colored clothes… it really suits my sunny personality. Orange and yellow? Love that combo!

  7. Chie says:

    I agree to all the reasons esp. the one when you want to be easily remembered by your future business partner or boss. Wearing bright colors to parties will really make one the the center of attention most esp. when she/he carries the clothing very well.

  8. Arlene says:

    i agree with all the reasons but i am not into bold plain colors because of my size. though a few shades looks good on me raw. ^^ bright colors are great for the winter season. it sparks up the gloomyness of the winter cold.

  9. gracia says:

    this color fits Fall season so much, radiant colors will drive away the sadness look of the season :), its always been gloomy these days

  10. Bright colours are just fabulous to wear in Summer. It brightens up your day. Adding an accessory to your outfit is great to. It helps to make an outift personalized. I love adding something bright and cheerful, from modern to antique jewellery. Great post! It is so interesting – i really enjoyed the read.

  11. Very nice and elegant all the stuff are so great looking, I really like the design its amazing.

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