Mastering the art of collecting coupons!You can do it too!

October 19th, 2012

Following my recently piqued interest in couponing, I have discovered lots of great deals online, Straight Talk coupons would be one of them. It’s really interesting combining different coupons to get the best prices possible. To admit, with our social and economic decline of recent, budgeting is getting harder and harder. We’re trying to cut back as hard as we can on every item on the list as possible. Maybe that’s why people are trying on couponing. But some, I hear, have it as a hobby. It’s indeed a very practical hobby. You not only get to enjoy what you’re doing, others (like your family and friends) also enjoy because they get to have random things they may or may not use from you. It keeps your fridge running and your bellies bouncing. Stress drifts farther away, isn’t that great? Well, it would be if we learn how to plan it properly. It needs a lot of analyzing, what to buy and which coupons to use—like a mind game. Who says games are for children alone? The box clearly states it’s for ages five and above!

And even so, technology is very useful in the use of coupons. Ever heard of online coupons? So to speak, we have technology on our side on this one. But the only thing is, all the thinking is time consuming and sometimes we can get confused. But once we learn to master it, it would be like the value of pi to a math geek, baking to a patisserie and administering medicine to a nurse. So fear not! We’ll learn if we still can. After all, we only stop learning when we die. So don’t let that beautifully crafted brain of yours rot, learn a new thing or two! Start a hobby, teach someone a new thing or learn a new thing yourself! Learning is not limited to the student. We can have couponing as a hobby, or painting or writing or whatever you have in mind right now. We can do it! It’s not so much our abilities that count, it’s our will and as what we say, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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  1. I’m so interested in this coupon collecting thing. I just recently discovered it too, from a friend who’e been doing it for years. It seems fun and finding it online is really challenging.

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