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October 24th, 2012

Wallets are one of the most important accessories you may ever own because they have such an important job: they must keep money and credit cards safe. When choosing a wallet, this aspect should influence your decision but so is style. Different styles of wallets match different lifestyles and occasions.

Bi-Fold Wallets

As the name indicates, bi-fold wallets fold over just once. They will hold your cash, plus a few credit cards and a driver’s license. Common materials may be leather, faux leather, canvas and nylon. Leather wallets, faux leather wallets, or small black canvass wallets are often preferred for formal or business occasions, such as taking the boss out to lunch. The limited compartment space of a bi-fold wallet means it is perfect for times when you would rather not take all of your credit cards with you.

Tri-Fold Wallets

Tri-fold wallets open to display three sections, each with additional compartments. These are ideal for those who carry many cards such as credit cards, prescription cards, employee identification cards, store cards, punch cards and more. A tri-fold billfold may also be more practical than a bi-fold when you are traveling and must carry extra cards with you. Tri-fold wallets are generally thicker than bi-fold wallets, but this also depends on the material.

Sports Wallets

Sports wallets are usually made of nylon or canvass. There are bi-fold and tri-fold styles as well as zipper or Velcro closures. These wallets are designed to take a beating and style is not as important as security. Some sports wallets are waterproof, making them perfect for backpacking trips, skiing and any other situation in which your clothes might get wet.

Take these wallets along when working out, hanging out with friends, hiking and other activities when you would rather not expose your best wallet to rough handling.

Skinny Wallets

Many wallets, whether they are leather, canvas or nylon, are thick. Once you add your cash and cards to these wallets, they are even thicker, become cumbersome, and create an unsightly bulge in your pocket. Skinny wallets, like those that Bigskinny Bilfolds sells, are a better option for most situations. A wallet does not need a lot of padding and thick material. When the thickness of the actual wallet is eliminated, you can carry your normal amount of items without it becoming so thick and heavy.

Skinny wallets come in the common styles, including the classic bi-fold and tri-fold styles. Leather skinny wallets are perfect for formal occasions.

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