Is being UGLY a CRIME?

October 31st, 2012

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I saw the news headline today about a Chinese man who sue his wife for being ugly. His suspicion started when their first child was born, because the baby came out as outrageously “UGLY”. Being ugly is not a crime but   being dishonestly  is a sin.

If in case you found out that your wife or husband is a product of  cosmetic surgery, would you sue your wife?

2 Responses to “Is being UGLY a CRIME?”

  1. Probably not. Well, c’mon, it is normal nowadays and everybody has their own choices. Let us just be thankful that technology is more advanced now and the possibilities are becoming endless.

  2. A person should be judged by heart. Outer look doesn’t matter if a person is good. But in our world look matters to most people. They can’t accept ugly people in there life very easily.

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