Taking care of your seniors at home

August 8th, 2012

Telling your elders to move to a senior citizen home can be a very challenging situation. Most of them prefer to stay at their old home and dislike the idea of being sent to a home care for various reasons. They want to stay and wait for the end of their lives at their own home. With the presence of their own family, they are assured of comfort, love and safety . But children are faced with the problem on who would be with their seniors when everybody in the family are busy with school and work? The aged should not be left alone since they may endanger themselves. There are lots of accidents that happened because people tend to leave their elders at home helpless .

This is where home care service comes in. Staff are sent in the houses of the oldies with a custom-made services depending on the need of the senior client. Some needs nursing care and Invacare wheelchairs for those who have difficulty moving around. Other duties of a health care staff would be to look after the food, and grooming of the senior. Some also would request for housekeeping works.

Health care facilities also are partnering with some enterprises in terms of product supplies and informative articles . One site that I happened to visit is parentgiving.com. It is a comprehensive website that has been serving adults, seniors and caregiver for many years now. Their panel of experts are knowledgeable about the areas of care that seniors need most from integrative medicine, ,incontinence,memory,nutrition care to the most delicate situations like diabetes and cancer care.

So if you wish your senior parents become happier with staying in their own homes with their families then get the services of a home care specialist.

6 Responses to “Taking care of your seniors at home”

  1. Arlene says:

    This is a nice post. If ever I have my own home (just home alone) I would love staying in my own home until death. But if ever I will be staying with any of my kids, I don’t like to think that I will be a burden for them. So the thought of nursing home would be a welcome thought.

  2. haze says:

    yes it’s a hard decision and can be daunting to find a good one really. Oh, their safety is always our priority. I would definitely investigate a care home big time before deciding to put my elders in because I know few that they beat them all the time. But this one you are talking about sounds promising.

  3. Lulu says:

    Nursing home is a great idea for elders to keep safe. In the land where everyone is busy it is better for the elders to be under the care of professionals than to burden your kids or loved ones.

  4. Jheylo says:

    it takes passion and love to be able to care for an elderly.

  5. Bless says:

    I worked in a nursing facility before and it really breaks my heart seeing some of them with no family that visits them. I know some of them love to stay in their respective homes. Good thing now there’s home care givers that goes to houses and take care of them as well.

  6. With the growing age people starts needing more love and care but exactly like these two what they mostly need is “RESPECT”. for all their life they had try to make image and respect in the society and in old age they don’t want to depend on anybody but yes if by hiring some home care help for them we can make their life easy then surely it will be great.

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