Take your confidence to a different level with Sexy Lingerie

August 22nd, 2012

Sexy lingerie is something that most women yearn. Women love to pamper in sexy lingerie for a lot of reasons. One is that it takes their confidence to a different level . Another is that the look of flirty lace and the feel of luxurious silk will make any man go frail on his knees.

But don’t you know that wearing any intimate apparel just for the sake of having it is not a good idea. There are various kinds of lingerie, such as corsets, baby dolls, cami sets, , chemises, , nightgowns, and more to choose from. It is essential to choose an intimate apparel that suits your personality and figure. There’s a misconception that only those women an hour-glass figure can look pretty in lingerie. Even women on the heavier side can look sexy, if only they know who to select the right kind of lingerie. Of course women with voluptuous figure should go for plus-size lingerie. Baby dolls can look attractive on women with a bulkier tummy, as they hide the troubled parts in the middle , while enhancing the assets. Corsets are also perfect for ladies with a well-endowed bust. It prevents bouncing and holds your waist for a slimmer look. Corsets nowadays no longer cause discomfort to the wearer unlike the old design of corset tops. Chemises and Cowl-neck slips are also trendy. This sexy  lingerie highlights the bust without exposing a lot of the cleavage and produces a dazzling figure.

How about women with full breasts ? They should focus on support and exposure. A brassiere with “poly-foam” cups will provide then with the needed lift and comfort. This is a seamless type of bra perfect for rigid tops and thin t-shirts.

If you belong to the category with pear-shaped figures( those who have small breasts but wide bottoms) the ideal lingerie would be sensual chiffon chemise and gowns. You may redirect people to look at your upper torso by putting an accent on the neck and shoulders. Hemlines will cover the hips and thighs creating a pleasing body look. Short tops will look great particularly chemise that flows smoothly above your hips. You can also choose to have a “shirring” near the bust to project a well-proportioned look at your wide bottom.

Women certainly want to look good not only in the outward appearance through their outfits but also in the most enthralling underclothing as well. As I have mentioned above, before you shop around for your lingerie, it is important to determine first the best fit for your figure.

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