Should-Be Steps for Preventing Your Thicker and Longer Eyelashes

August 22nd, 2012

Gone are the days when women didn’t pay attention to their lashes. But today, a large number of women have understood the power of thicker and longer lashes. Some of them have even left no stone unturned to make their eyelashes healthy.
What about you? Are you paying attention to your lashes?

If you wear heavy eye makeup and love to accessories your eyes with faux eyelashes, it means you have to pay attention to your lashes. It’s because you can be victim of thin eyelashes. Remember, aging and blepharitis aren’t the only reasons for falling lashes. It can be due to mascara reaction and wearing faux lashes quite often.

Should-Be Steps for Preventing Your Lashes

Have you noticed thin lashes and wishing to get your long eyelashes back? If yes, all you need to know two vital steps…

Get back lashes from Natural Remedies

Your first step should be getting back lashes through natural remedies. There are a few natural ways that have been declared effective for lashes growth.

Olive Oil

You use olive oil for removing mascara, but can use it as a serum to get back your longer eyelashes. Apply olive oil in your lashes with the help of a mascara wand at night regularly for 4-6 months. It will nourish your lashes and hydrate the hair follicles to stop falling and getting back longer eyelashes.


The best olive oil alternative is Vaseline. It nourishes your lashes and makes them thicker. Apply it at night. It might give you the result faster than olive oil, but be careful while applying it because it can irritate your eyes. Rub the Vaseline in your right hand index finger and thumb to apply it gently in your lashes.

Get a Faster Result through Eyelash Products

What about using eyelash growth products. Today, a good number of eyelash enhancers available to choose from. They assure users to get longer and thicker eyelashes in a few months or days. If you don’t have patience to get longer eyelashes back from natural remedies, you can switch to an eyelash enhancer. Though, varieties can confuse you, but you have to be cautious about choosing the one that works really well. Remember, eyelash enhancers can be dangerous if you don’t care for the quality of the product. And to choose a good quality eyelash enhancer, all you need to look for some certain parameters.

The first is it is from a well reputed brand. A well known brand always wants to carry a good reputation and for this it provides quality products.

The second is use the enhancer which is clinically proven. However, there are many enhancers but a few are clinically proven. So you need to trust the enhancer that is clinically proved profitable.

The third is use the enhancer that has minimal risk of infection. For this, you will have to buy the enhancer which is made from natural ingredients.

These are a few should-be steps that help you get thicker, longer and fuller eyelashes. Are you going to follow them?

Author Bio: The author of the write up is keen to make the world aware about the best eyelash growth products. You can connect with the writer to enrich your knowledge on eyelash enhancers.

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