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August 16th, 2012

I love shopping. But when there is not enough budget, I am left with just window shopping. Well, that is a known fact for most mothers like me. We deal so much with the budget that sometimes we just have to say “NO” to our whims. But of course, if there would be enough for a shopping spree then I am all the way to the mall or shops, LOL! Seriously, if there’s enough budget, then why not?

I know of some women in the United States and Canada, who actually get the things they desire by using StrawberryNet Coupons for shopping. They pay less than what’s required to be paid when shopping, or they actually get free items and loads of freebies. I saw in The Learning Channel ( TLC) that Coupon Codes can actually save so much money in a month’s budget, and said savings can be used for some other important things around the house or even for one’s self. One family was even able to send five children to private school because they always save a lot in food and grocery items.

Anyway, here in the Philippines, people are not so accustomed to using promo codes. As a matter of fact, some milk companies have had promos involving the use of promo codes but only a few would participate and use them. Perhaps it is because there were only a few people who are grabbing those opportunities to use promo codes and that promo codes do not usually become a hit as a marketing strategy here in the country. Other people wouldn’t use them even if they know they can save a lot. My friends and I who knew the value of savings would often wish that somehow our country would be like the United States or Canada where companies will offer three kinds of coupons: manufacturer’s coupons or producer’s coupons, in-store coupons and those that double the savings. I wish TLC’s Extreme Couponing would also be an inspiration for others to use coupons when shopping because it is always a good idea to shop and save.

12 Responses to “Save and Shop”

  1. zoan says:

    women love shopping. I, myself, is a shopping addict:) well, about coupon codes, I agree with you, the Filipino people are not into using promo codes, maybe because they are ashamed of using one? I mean, some people might think that they have no budget for shopping that is why they use coupon codes. pero ako, kung saan ako makak save, dun ako:)

  2. haze says:

    It’s known fact indeed. And should always be right to stick with the budget to avoid debts. Coupons is another great way to save. Yes, in America they have these extreme couponing and lucky to those who really spend time doing it for they save dimes. Not here though in the UK. There’s limit to what you can avail and use when it comes to coupons.

  3. sheladegzfin says:

    I enjoy collecting coupons, my mother in law taught me that! and now i consider myself a coupon lady, my goal is how to know the extreme couponing deals right now! 🙂

  4. sheladegzfin says:

    Coupon lady here! : ) I enjoy couponing deals, it’s fun and saves you alot!

  5. sir rob says:

    The only thing with the coupons in the Philippines, most of the times they aren’t recognized when you check-out in the counter, leaving you more disgusted with the situation.

  6. Mel Cole says:

    shopping is a must these days and coupons are very helpful in saving while shopping. thank you for these coupons.

  7. I used coupons every time I shop even online or at the store 🙂 It saves you money 🙂

  8. jheylo says:

    I hear you…. there are a lot of opportunities here in America that unfortunately many Filipinos can’t avail just like couponing. Imagine 2 yrs ago, we qualified for a brand-new two door refrigerator. no one will give you free ref these days, especially in the Philippines. not unless you win it from something. but for us, we don’t have to make an entry to have a free ref. 😀

  9. emzkie says:

    i am not sure if we are really saving here in US. i was wondering how much they really earned? because some stores are like on Sale everyday, and I wonder if the prices in the tag are true? or they just put a high price tag then sale daw kunuhay.. and still make good money. business strategy kung baga. hehe..

  10. Bless says:

    When I use coupons to shop, I also make sure that the items I get is on sale so I can save more 🙂

  11. Mommy Rubz says:

    If coupons were a tread here in the Philippines, I would have been a fanatic! That I will be sure!

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