Samsung Tablet or ipad?

August 5th, 2012

I want to surprise my husband with a PC Tablet. He does not like ipad for reason we are constantly debating. So I am looking for the best ipad alternative. It’s the second best sold tablet after ipad in 2011. From my research , I guess the new Samsung PC 7 Series which runs on Windows 7 operating system and has integrated sliding keyboard as input device is the best for my hubby . For a person who constantly write articles and lectures, this is the best choice. I love it’s 10 inch touch screen ( bigger than ipad) , two back and front cameras, USB ports and solid state storage.

Samsung’s Tablet price is just right for some features not found on ipad. Anyway, ipad is Apple, so I still prefer it over Samsung. But as what I’ve said, my hubby does not want an Apple. How can I convince him?

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