Oh No! Evening long gown?

August 20th, 2012

As I opened by FB account this afternoon, I was surprised to see on  CDO Blogger’s group notification that I should wear an evening long gown for the Ms. Kagayan-an pageant coronation night.  b was one of the 5 bloggers who were selected to cover the event.  I was excited when I knew I was one of the lucky five, now I am left struggling  on the outfit.

Anyway below   was the email :

AUGUST 26 Sunday 7pm CORONATION NIGHT at Atrium, LKKS Center

All sponsors will have numbered VIP seats. You will be given an invitation. If you have entourage that will exceed your reserved seats, they will be seated at another section of the venue. Please text or call if you have guests with you.

Strictly a formal event. Evening gown for the ladies.

Barong or Black suit for men. Pass through Goldilocks entrance area of the Atrium.

STRICTLY A FORMAL EVENT. EVENING GOWN FOR THE LADIES! Whew! It’s been a long time that  I was not able to wear long gown, now I am compelled  to wear one, or else I will not be allowed to enter the VIP entrance.

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