Miss World 2012 Wenxia Yu a fake winner?

August 23rd, 2012

Picture borrowed from lifestyle.inquirer.net

After winning the “MISS WORLD PAGEANT ” title, Ms. China’s Wenxia Yu faced lots of criticism through print and social media. Some dubbed her as the “fake winner”, others named her as “sold-out queen”. China poured MILLIONS into the contest, so it is not surprising that they won. With huge group of screaming Chinese fans in one of the convention hall of a resurrected “ghost town” in China, created pressures on the judges.

Miss Mexico had been the people’s for the title while our very own Miss Philippines ( Queenierich Rehman) after her beat-boxing performance during the talent competition earned big points.

I am wondering what the other 115 contestant have in mind after the pageant. How about you? What’s your opinion on the turn-out of the contest?

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