Words of Encouragement

July 27th, 2012

What better way to encourage and lift-up a discouraged sick person? Aside from your presence and prayers , a “get well soon” card would greatly cheer friends heart. This is what we did yesterday . Me and some friends decided to give cards and posters to our friend who is confined at the Intensive Care Unit ( ICU) in one of the high-end hospitals in our city .

With sugar level so high and immune system too low, their was a complication to her throat inflammation. She can not speak but at least she can read. She cried in joy as we give her our personalized cards. Cried the more when she read our inspiration quotes and touching thoughts. Thanks www.equote.com life ins for helping me put the right words to our posters. Words that will surely encourage her to fight and soar up high above the sickness.

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