Vitamins and Minerals of specific goals and needs

July 6th, 2012

Everyone desires to take steps to keep up with one’s health and well-being. Aside from adequate exercise, proper diet and having a healthy lifestyle one effective way in maintaining health is to continually nourish our bodies with vitamins and minerals to keep it in superb shape.

There are lots of vitamins and minerals available in the market today but each individual needs varies depending on specific goals and needs. For those who wants to keep their eyesight in tip-top shape, they should have adequate levels of Vitamin A. For the athletic and people on-the-go , a daily dose of Vitamin B complex is necessary since it maintains an alert nervous system. People will surely benefit from healthy levels of vitamin C, as it is a strong immunity booster; preventing diseases and infections from happening. Middle aged individual should include Calcium as their food supplement to prevent weakening of the bones .

For women, Vitamin E is a must because it has the most benefits to the skin. Vitamin E keeps the skin young, healthy and vibrant. Speaking of Vitamin E reminds me with the revolutionary all-natural nutrient that is the hottest new discovery in cosmetics! Pure Argan Oil is packed with ALL the many forms of Vitamin E. This is the reason why  argan oil   treatment is an all-time favorite in beauty salon . With just 1-2 drops, you can say goodbye to hair frizz forever. Because it is a good source of vitamin E, therapy is popular too. If you suffer from dry skin patches or acne blemishes argan oil’s naturally high concentration in vitamin E and essential fatty acids goes to work to lessen these problem .

I know I have not mention all other essential vitamins and minerals, I guess that’s what I needed most at the moment.

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