Vera Wang’ Wedding Gowns are cursed?

July 14th, 2012

VERA WANG is one among the wedding dress designers that I love most. So when I saw this headline at yahoo days ago, I was not able to hold my self and commented on the article. Upon the announcement of Vera Wang of her split from husband Arthur Becker last week, came lots of articles. The worst is that the her wedding gowns are cursed. Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, are among the famous stars who were mentioned. They have donned her wedding gowns and then ended up divorced.

I believe her wedding gowns have nothing to do with the divorced. It is just that these people are famous . I am sure there are other married women around the globe whom had Vera Wang’s Wedding gown and are still happily married ( Just like me ! Joke! ). It’s not about the gown!

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