The perfect outfit for Prom

July 31st, 2012

Prom Night is one of the special highlights of teens high school lives. Having gone through lots of challenges and changes of adolescence, this event is one of the few where they can celebrate their youth and transition to adulthood with friends and loved ones. Because this is one occasion that they will treasure for a lifetime,  every girl and boy dreamed of  having not only the  right hairstyle and makeup but also  having  an outfit that can stand-out among the rest.

When my son’s time came to attend their Prom , I was so excited! As a fashion-driven mom , I wanted my son to have the perfect outfit . I browsed for Tuxedos, dress pants for men , tops , shoes and even belts for men . I found various outfits from different online stores but I faced difficulty with the shipping . The store could not deliver it with-in my time frame, so we decided to get the services of a local designer . Thank God, my son was able to get the perfect suit that’s not only stylish but trendy for his age. The satin golden brown vest matched with a bow-tie of the same color transcend a glow on his face. What more? The color combination matches also with the gown of his partner! No wonder, they got the “Couple of Night” award.

8 Responses to “The perfect outfit for Prom”

  1. SAHM Writes says:

    Ka gwapo!! I haven’t met him personally. Imo lang girl. 🙂

    Liwat kaayo sa Papa.

  2. Chie says:

    your son looks striking in his suit..and they both deserve the award

  3. sir rob says:

    Looking handsome with the very nice outfit.

  4. Jheylo says:

    your son looked great and handsome in his fancy suit 😀 fashionista mom indeed 😀

  5. Jheylo says:

    what a fashionista mom indeed… your son is wearing fancy suit and it looks good on him. girls must be drooling at him hehehhe

  6. Rovie says:

    Your son looks so handsome in that Prom suit 😉

  7. emzkie says:

    wow! nice outfit. it really look good on him. here in US, they matches their dress with their partner. its really cool.

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