Shopping for Halloween and Christmas on Summer?

July 6th, 2012

We’ve spent half of the year already , Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas are just around the corner! Days roll so fast so why not take advantage with some great deals online by purchasing your Halloween and Christmas costume early? Most online shops sell these costumes at a discounted rate earlier in the year in order to attract those early bird shoppers.

Yes, there’s nothing wrong shopping for Halloween or Christmas on summer. Aside getting the those clearance sale , one can save a lot of time lining up the long cue at the cashier during the peak season. This is what my aunt is doing every year. Actually, I have just chatted with her last week and she told me to get ready with our Christmas wish list since she will be hunting for bargain sale this month. Last year, she gifted my son with outfits from Spencer’s , now IJ wanted a new MP4. He’s getting serious this time as lead guitarist of  our church junior band , so he wanted a new gadget for his guitar practices. My daughter outgrown her love for princesses outfits and now into sports. She currently enlist herself in their school’s sports club. I couldn’t decide yet among  team baseball hats & hats I’ve search online.  Taz or Tom and Jerry?She both love them!

For me and my hubby, it’s up to my aunt. She knew what we love most.

Do you have the Halloween costume in mind ? or the perfect Christmas Outfits ? Shop early now and get the best value for your money!

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