Home Improvement is costly!

June 16th, 2012

We are currently undergoing major home repairs. Transferring to our ancestral home is quite an adjustment after me and my hubby spent our 16 years away from my mother-in-law. She decided to make renovations to our old kitchen and the underground area. Our old corner set needs a major repair too. I’ve seen it at www.leatherworldtech.com and I really admire the results of turning your old leather furniture to look like brand new. We have partly finished the kitchen while we are looking for the right upholstery shop to bring our old corner set for repair. We have spent much to these renovations but it’s all worth it!

3 Responses to “Home Improvement is costly!”

  1. Hubby and I also wanted to repair and do some home improvement at our old house in Manila. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough funds to cover the cost it will bring. Hays life!

  2. Geoff Smith says:

    It could be quite costly, specially when you are making huge renovations. Adding walls, fixing the roof, power saving appliances, solar panels – big investments, but it’s worth it. And let’s not forget the aftermath – junk removal London based companies might be cheap, but you still have to pay for them.
    And you need a lot of time, too!

  3. Yes it’s costly, but also a major inconvenience! You need to be super organized to pull it off. If it’s a major renovation, you may even need to move out for a while which than adds another set of complications.

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