Employment screening is essential

June 9th, 2012

My dear friend manages a company that sells electrical supplies. She has to work even in the wee hours of the morning to cope with reports and paper works for bidding and overseeing two large areas for a big company. I can attest to her busyness with her work and I’m glad that we spent a week of vacation in Boracay for rest and bonding with our kids. Too much stress is a killer and our vacation is such a breather to our hectic work schedules.

Because of mounting responsibilities, my friend decided to hire additional workers for the company. I really believe that she needs an employment screening to check the background for all those whom she may hire to work with her. It would be an added pain in the neck if her worker would be a liability to the company instead of becoming a blessing and a great help. That’s why my friend needs to hire only those who have a clean personal background and one who is right for the job.

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