Parasat Cable TV

May 8th, 2012

It has been 10 years that we do not have cable connection. Yes, I am proud to say that we survived  without watching  HBO, AXN, Discovery Channel, FOX News  and other famous blockbuster channels for a decade. Weird? Not for our family! We saw it as a waste of money since we can not maximize it’s usage.  We oftentimes arrive home almost 7 p..m. , after diner the remaining hours are spent with family bonding  and kids study time. Friday, we have our home bible study and Saturday choir and band practice  .So we only have Sunday  afternoon left for watching Cable TV.

Now, after we were relocated due to Typhoon Sendong that hit our home, we can now watch cable  TV since we are staying now at the second floor of my  mom’s big house.

Forgive my ignorance but I was amazed with the advance technology of digital Cable TV.  I could see some  wiremold in place on each corner of the entertainment room. Now, I can watch the latest International news, reality shows and the movies I missed watching on cinemas.I do not know, if our Movie marathon still applies when the school opening starts this June.

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