Free Storage with Windows Skydrive

March 1st, 2012

We are still picking up the pieces.. after Typhoon Sendong hit our place and washed out everything we worked. Now, we are still temporarily sheltered at my in-law’s home without things we can call our own. As much as we wanted to go back to our place and renovate our house, we can not do so since the area is not yet livable. Roads are still muddy, drainage are stocked with debris and water are not safe for usage. I miss our house… our abode for 16 years. This is life, we never knew when and where calamity strikes.

Now we are starting to rebuild our lives. The kids wanted a new desktop computer and printer for their school needs. So we bought one set yesterday. Thanks to our friend who’s an IT expert for completely installing the necessary software free of charge ( Thanks Genesis for the labor of love). He even introduced us to windows skydrive , completely free service offered by Windows to users of their Windows Live service. This system allows users to manage files after they’ve been uploaded. The best feature I think is that you can share links to your files with anybody you want , embed files or photos in your blog or webpage. If you love Windows’ other free services such as Messenger or Hotmail then I am sure you will SkyDrive. Be above the rest, try it now! Remember it’s absolutely free !

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