Downloading videos was Youtube to your phone

March 22nd, 2012

Indeed YouTube has forever changed how people go about finding information and entertainment. If you want to learn how to bake pastries or cook a certain food you don’t need to call your mom or even read a book. Just search it on YouTube and you get a detailed and step by step tutorial on how to do it. If you are bored , you can easily lose hours of your day getting caught up in watching shows , pranks and parodies on YouTube or if you wish to sing-along with your favorite song, you can simply search for it and let your heart out singing.

What more ? If you are a movie fanatic and you want to enjoy your favorite movies in your mobile phone, PSP or other gadgets , you can actually download video from youtube to your phone and gadgets with the help of some tools. All you have to know is the format required applicable to your gadgets . I am not an expert on this matter but my son is. He’s the one doing the downloading and uploading of my videos in youtube. But I stumbled a site which makes downloading fro media sites to phone easy. The website www. mp3avi is a unique resource, that gives you a possibility to convert video files into mp3 or video for mobile. One can download any video from YouTube,, Bing or any site with YouTube video player to one’s mobile phone in the convenient format of mp3 or video. I tried doing it and it’s a lot easier that converting files manually. Want to know how? Visit their site right now

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