Philippine and U.S.A. bankruptcy

January 25th, 2012
With the recent state of the U.S economy, it’s no wonder why even big conglomerates and companies are cutting down employees, halting their business and some even shutting down for good. For those really big debtors out there, who are thinking of filing a bankruptcy, it may be best to consult bankruptcy lawyers before pressing on. Ask them whether insolvency or bankruptcy you face, but be careful to find good ones. Even I myself don’t understand bankruptcies that well—I’m no millionaire but it sure serves to know things like this well. I’m curious about these kinds of things as well. Have you ever heard of anyone declaring bankruptcy? I bet a lawyer or accountant from church can explain to me the basics.

I got curious about this when I saw that Kodak declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy the other day. I had no background on what a chapter 11 bankruptcy was, but it certainly tickled my inquisitive side. Even the property tycoon of Ireland declared bankruptcy with a €2.9 billion debt to Anglo Irish Bank. That’s a lot of zeros! So I found it great that Bankruptcy Lawyers are available for consultations (for free!) like the arizona bankruptcy attorney and the Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney . Just so I can differentiate between the Philippine and U.S.A. bankruptcy styles.

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