Whiteflash Diamond Engagement Rings!

December 11th, 2011
Coordinating Weddings is one side job I enjoyed so much. For 10 years now, I have been coordinating weddings for church mates, friends and relatives. It’s a challenging job as well as a fulfilling one. Challenging in the sense that from the application of the Marriage license, pre- nuptial needs, to the wedding ceremony and until the reception I am always “hands on”. Fulfilling in the sense that helping other people gives that feeling of joy in sharing your talent and skills and help the newly wed couple save time, effort and most of all save money. A wedding planner is a job that includes fun and laughter buy I take it seriously because in reality, it is indeed a stressful job. Thank God I am an outgoing type of person such that I can relate and understand more on what I am doing. My being assertive actually helped me in times of trouble or in moments when I have to decide on things abruptly. I am thankful also for my team who have lots of skills in coming up with excellent ideas for weddings
Weddings nowadays are very lavish and. The couple needs to have saved a big amount to defray all necessary expensive. Aside from the wedding cake, there’s the chocolate fountain and fruits. Wedding Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial photo and videos presented through an LCD is a must in every wedding. After the day has gone by in a flash you can refresh it time and time again by watching your wedding video and looking at your photographs. You need a lot of sophisticated video and audio gear, and a good bit of experience to record it properly.

Another important element of wedding that a couple should invest are the wedding rings. It’s no surprise that some people want to symbolize this feeling by choosing a unique wedding ring. There are thousands of beautiful rings from wonderful companies in the market , but many feel that it just wouldn’t suit them to have a ring that someone else could possibly be wearing. Last year, I was able to coordinate the wedding of our friend. The couple are both Physical Therapist working in abroad. Joseph works in the biggest hospital in Tennessee, USA while Noemi in a special child’s hospital in Bahrain. True to their wish to have a grandiose wedding, they spent a large amount of money for the event. The groom surprised the bride with an expensive diamond ring from whiteflash.com. It’s an online store that stocked the largest inventory of AGS ideal diamonds in the world! According to the groom they have the best selection of AGS certified ideal diamonds the reason why Whiteflash diamond engagement rings and wedding rings are well-known in the diamond jewelry industry. Actually, I browsed their online store to see their gallery and I was astounded with the beauty of their custom-designed jewelry. They are truly amazing! How I wish I could own such beautiful treasure. Visit the site and be under the spell of their diamond collections!

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